CVMF Gift Card Program


The CVMA Foundation has exciting news to share about a new fundraising program that we are participating in to help raise funds. The CVMF ShopWithScrip Program (powered by The Great Lakes Center, LLC) will enable our Foundation to raise funds while we shop for things we already need and use. We were looking for a fundraiser that wouldn't ask our participants to purchase something beyond their needs, but would instead be helpful and convenient. We are confident that the ShopWithScrip Program is the answer!

What is ShopWithScrip?
Gift cards and certificates are provided from local and national retailers. They are the same gift cards/certificates that are available in stores. There are literally hundreds of retailers on the list!

How Does ShopWithScrip Help Raise Funds?
You purchase gift cards from the CVMA Foundation at face value, and the CVMA Foundation orders those cards from ShopWithScrip at a reduced price.  The difference is an instant rebate for the CVMA Foundation. It's really that simple!

How Does Someone Participate?
When you do your weekly shopping, purchase gifts, or pay certain charge cards, use ShopWithScrip gift cards. These cards can be used for your weekly expenses like gas, groceries, home improvement items, or going out to dinner. You already spend money on these things, so use ShopWithScrip cards and help CVMF raise money at the same time!

How Does One Order ShopWithScrip gift cards?
Scrip Order form. CVMA will also have forms available at all CE events. Be sure to download a new form each time you order, as new retailers are added often. Complete the form and submit with payment. Orders will be accepted at CE events, by mail or fax. Payment must be received before the order can be placed. Cash or checks, made out to CVMF - Gift Cards are accepted. It is important that you include how you want your order delivered. Right now, our delivery options include either picking up your order or having it delivered to your hospital. We also have a mail to home option, but please be advised that CVMF cannot be held liable for any misplaced or damaged home deliveries. To choose "mail to home", please include a completed Waiver form with your order. Current turn-around time is 2 weeks. So when you plan out your budget for gas and groceries, give ShopWithScrip a try! And share this program with your staff, family, friends and neighbors. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate in this fundraising effort!

Start Shopping Today!
This program promises to be a simple and effective fundraiser. We hope we can count on your support!

ShopWithScrip ORDER FORM

Waiver form