For Veterinarians

The Chicago Veterinary Medical Foundation (CVMF), NFP was established in 2009 as a philanthropic and charitable organization. 

The four crucial missions of the CVMF are to:

  • Deliver charitable medical care for pets by funding veterinary services for pets whose owners cannot afford their care;
  • Educate the public regarding proper animal care;
  • Aid in animal disaster relief efforts; &
  • Provide scholarships to students in  Veterinary College to decrease their debt load upon graduation.

What can the CVMF do for you?


With this program, we all win! Your client keeps their pet in their family. Your patient’s life is saved. Rather than heavily discounting your fees, you are paid for ALL of your services by being awarded a CVMF grant. And, CVMF fulfills its mission of funding veterinary services for pets in need of urgent medical care.

When a medical emergency happens, but your client is not financially able to fully pay for their pet’s care, CVMF provides you, the veterinarian, with a grant for payment toward the treatment provided to that pet. Thus allowing you to:
  • retain patients & clients and
  • manage your patient’s recovery

However, we also support your clients...

CVMF helps to relieve a pet owner’s apprehension to seek veterinary care when an emergency occurs. In turn, the pet will not be untreated,  only partially treated or unnecessarily euthanized.

The more funds we have, the more care grants we can offer; thereby helping more animals and the veterinarians providing their care. We raise the most funds when Hospitals participate in fundraising and getting the word out to your clients. This is a Win-Win-Win-Win situation! The doctor and hospital team wins because they get paid for the valuable services you offer.  You also receive accolades from your clients for going above and beyond, showing that you really care for animals. The client wins who would not otherwise be able to afford payment to treat their sick or injured animal. The pet wins that would suffer or be euthanized because the owner could not afford urgent medical services. And the whole veterinary profession wins when you are able to care for animals and provide the services needed. 

HELPiNG PETS FUND(Hospital Donation Program)

Did you know that you can raise money for the CVMF that can be allocated directly back to help the clients and pets at YOUR HOSPITAL? Our Hospital Care program allows for a more flexible charity care, using funds allocated to you.

This program allows your clients to donate charitable funds specifically to your hospital. When they donate through CVMF’s Hospital Giving Fund, they choose your hospital as the donation recipient. CVMF retains 10% of their donation to manage the program. 90% of their donation is made available to you to use in your practice for charity care. This fund offers you the flexibility to use the funds as deemed necessary. They are not required to be used on any particular type of case, just as long as it’s a charitable need.


Amazon purchases can be done using AMAZON SMILE. Amazon will donate 0.5% of purchases back to the CVMF. Please make your personal or business Amazon purchases on Amazon smile and ask your friends, staff and clients to do so as well. Click fore information

How can you help.

HELP us share our message with your clients. The more people that know about & donate to the CVMF, the more charitable care we can grant to pets in need. Looking for a place to share your talents and passion for pet health? We need your help!

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • ORDER & DISPLAY our public brochure: “What is the CVMA Foundation? And how can it help You & Your Pet?”
  • USE our Pet Memorial Certificates: A customized memorial card can be ordered and mailed to a bereaved family, with a minimum $25 donation to the CVMA Foundation.
  • HELP raise funds by displaying a donation jar at your hospital
  • KEEP watch for our Fundraising Events and Help us Promote them to your clients
  • ENROLLl ans use our programs  and inform your friends, staff and clients about them.
    • With the Gift Card Program & a percentage of the sale of your gift card is paid to the Foundation
    • Use our account to make Amazon purchases & a percentage of your purchase is paid to the Foundation.
  • LIKE the ChicagoVMF Facebook page and Share it with your clients
  • JOIN a CVMF Committee