What is the CVMA Foundation?

We strive to promote veterinary care for the health of the whole family through funding and education.

GRANTS for Veterinary Care
Every year, many beloved pets in need of urgent medical care are sadly relinquished or regrettably euthanized because of their family's inability to pay for their necessary care. Financial hardship can happen to any loving pet owner and can be devastating. When a pet is ill, it is best for them to receive comprehensive care from their trusted family veterinarian and remain with their loving family.
Boy and Dog

The CVMA Foundation is a 501c3 organization created to ensure such veterinary care is available to all pets. When pet parents experience financial difficulty in providing essential, lifesaving veterinary care, the CVMF provides grants for that care, allowing pets to receive quality care through their family veterinarian, become healthy again and go home to their loving family.


CVMF veterinarians volunteer their time regularly at community events to provide education to pet owners regarding the health of their pets and their family.


The CVMF donates funds to provide relief for local pets and their families during times of disaster.

Boy and CatHelp us save lives!

Please help us save the lives of pets in need of immediate medical care by making a tax deductible donation. You may submit your donation by visiting our donation page

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