CVMA Foundation - Board Members

PresidentRosemarie Niznik, DVM
SecretaryTracey Maione, DVM
TreasurerYuval Nir, DVM
Past PresidentLinda Kopija, DVM

Directors:Shannon Greeley, DVM

Richard Rossman, DVM

Eric Voogd

What is the CVMA Foundation?

Boy and Dog
Every year, many beloved pets in need of urgent medical care are sadly relinquished or regrettably euthanized because of their family's inability to pay for their necessary care due to financial hardships.

It can happen to YOU!
Financial hardship can happen to anyone and may compromise your ability to care for your furry family member. With the assistance of the CVMA Foundation (CVMF), you CAN help your pet and KEEP him or her in your family!

Help us save lives!
Please help us save the lives of pets in need of immediate medical care by making a tax deductible donation. You may submit your donation by visiting ourĀ donation page.

We strive to promote veterinary care for the health of the whole family through education & funding

Boy and CatThe three crucial missions of the CVMF are to:
- Deliver charitable medical care for pets by funding veterinary services for animals whose owners cannot afford their care;
- Provide public education regarding animal care; &
- Aid in animal disaster relief efforts.

How can CVMF help your pet?
When an unexpected medical need arises, CVMF can provide financial assistance through your veterinarian to help you pay for unforeseen costs. This means you can have the doctor you know and trust care for your pet, despite your financial situation. Also, your loyal pet remains a part of your family, benefiting from your dedication and love.

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